Legal Contracting

Legal Services that are available are listed here. You may enter from the list which documents of interest you have in mind in the comment and questions box. 

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement- 
Ensure that proprietary information stays private.

2. Business Contract- Establish terms for business agreements.

3. Independent Contractor Agreement- Hire or be hired with confidence.

4. LLC Operating Agreement- Define and document how your business will be run.

5. Lease Agreement- Set the terms for renting property.

6. Eviction Notice- Tell unwanted tenants to vacate the property.

7. Intent to Purchase Real Estate- Establish the terms of a real estate purchase.

8. Quitclaim Deed- Give up legal interest in real estate property.

9. Last Will and Testament- Set out your wishes for assets and guardianship.

10. Living Will- Make your end-of-life medical wishes known.

11. Divorce Settlement Agreement- Document your alimony arrangement.

12. Child Care Authorization Form- Authorize someone to care for your children.